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With A Week To Go It’s Time to Say “Farewell, Hillary. We Hardly Knew Ye.”

When we wake up one week from now, and prepare for a Brave New World under President Trump, ( Yes, I’m sticking my neck out with that call … ) the person I will pity the most, will be Hillary Clinton.

Hillary has more flaws that a Greek tax plan, but they’re just flaws; not the fatally pathogenic genetic defects that the soon to be President-elect has by the gross. And I mean that in both the descriptive, and mathematical sense.

But apart from questions about her character, there is Hillary the person, and she deserves better than this. She is a scholar, and graduate of Yale Law school, consistently ranked the best law school in America. In her undergraduate years at Wellesley College, she graduated with Honours, and became the first student commencement speaker in the history of the school. Her commencement address earned a seven minute long, standing ovation.

In contrast, Trump’s father sent him to a military academy to straighten him out, and teach him discipline. He then attended Fordham University, the only school that would take him, and where he is remembered as a very indifferent student. After two years, Trump switched to the University of Pennsylvania Wharton Business school, where he studied real estate. He did not make the Dean’s List, nor the Honour Roll, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Clinton also has a long history of social activism, working on Senator Walter Mondale’s Subcommittee on Migrant Labor, and as an editor on the Yale Review on Law and Social Action. She later worked at the Children’s Defence Fund under civil rights activist Marian Wright Edelman.

She is a career politician, and while that may be viewed as a negative in the current social climate, it nevertheless imbues her with a lifetime of of understanding and experience in both the process, and machinery of Washington, and international realpolitik. She was a Senator. The Secretary of State. A former First Lady. In terms of qualification, her resume for the position of President of the United States is so vastly more broad, deep, and polished than her opponent’s, that a comparison isn’t even worthy of discussion.

Given all of this, why do I believe that she will lose next Tuesday’s election? Well, the simple answer may be found in the words of an eccentric, reclusive Billionaire, who called a news conference this week, to explain why millions of Americans love Trump.

Peter Thiel founded PayPal. He gave Mark Zuckerberg half-a-Million dollars, to start Facebook. He also funded the lawsuit that killed Gawker, the on-line news website. Thiel is now a reasonably successful venture investor and entrepreneur, worth $2.5 Billion, according to Forbes magazine.

Thiel stood at a podium in the Washington Press Club on Monday, and delivered an inconvenient truth to the incredulous media hordes who just cannot wrap their heads around the fact that a lying, racist, misogynist fraud has not only survived this electoral race, but is now actually leading Clinton in some major news polls, with only a week of campaigning left. What did Thiel say?

“We’re voting for Trump because we judge the leadership of our country to have failed.”

That’s it. Pure and simple.

It’s not about qualifications, or personalities, ethical behaviour or the lack thereof; it’s about something much more visceral. The American people feel that they’ve been screwed over long enough, and they are willing to use the nuclear option to destroy the status quo, and begin again. A point that Thiel emphasized when he said that Trump, “… will bring a much needed dose of humility in our politics.”

He may also bring hellfire, brimstone, damnation, and the second U.S. Civil War, but if anything is going to deliver a shocking wake-up call to the somnambulant Washington establishment, a Trump victory most assuredly would do the job.

Almost no-one who isn’t riding the blue-ice pony of crystal meth seriously believes that The Donald would make a good President. They are simply so tired, and enraged by the big money, the corruption, the contempt and indifference of elected officials, and the naked disrespect they’ve been shown, that it’s now kind of an “I’ll fix you, Mother****er” philosophy, that’s leading them to Trump.

I know that in this campaign of unprecedented insanity, anything could happen before next Tuesday. I just don’t believe that at this point, it will make a difference. The mere fact that we are still even discussing the possibility of a Trump presidency at this point, seems to me to have already told us everything we need to know.

There are so many terrible things that will flow from this outcome, that it’s hard to settle on which will be the most devastating, unintended consequence of electing Donald Trump as President. But, if I were to guess, my guess would be this: Trump will never make it through his first term. He will either quit, be impeached, or be assassinated by one of the kooks that he was recently suggesting should kill Hillary. After that happens, the even more horrible Mike Pence, will assume the Oval Office, and then the shit will really hit the fan in America. As the saying goes … be careful what you wish for.

But in the midst of that turmoil, far away, in a quiet corner of a farm in New York state, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton will be quietly, and bitterly weeping, and she will know truly and deeply, that the “American Dream”, is bullshit. After giving everything she had in terms of intellect, energy, money, and hard work to a country she loves, and fervently believes in; she will have to come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t enough. That she was so widely despised, and dismissed by the very people she wanted to serve, that she could not even beat the worst Presidential candidate that will ever exist. There can be no deeper humiliation than that.


I'm a veteran broadcast journalist, producer, writer, and talk show gadabout. I like to play bad hockey, drink good beer, take sporadic rides on my bicycle and generally annoy my family with Dad jokes and selective memory. ( Lois the dog, excepted. )

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