Good writing is about crafting a well-told story. One that’s interesting, informative, and compelling. It could be about your company, your community, or even, yourself. Telling stories is what I do, and UrkedFreelance is my on-line story book. But it’s also more than that. It’s also a catalogue, and an interactive, two-way word factory. From these pages you’ll be able to commission projects for almost any need. From website content, to speeches, reports, freelance articles, and more. (Sorry students, we don’t do term papers.) If ¬†you just like to read, you’ll find a variety of topics from politics, media, and human interest, to thoughtful essays, and a slice or two, of everyday life.

And, if you have a story to tell and want quality work from a professional story teller, then UrkedFreelance is the easy solution.

We also do Media training based on 35 years in the broadcast news industry.

And UrkedFreelance can also co-ordinate, write, and produce micro-learning videos for your business, and staff.

Just hit the Contact button, and Get Urked!

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